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Some succeed because they are destined.

Others succeed because they are determined.

Let CB help you succeed


The goal for CB Fitness is to provide the community of Ballarat with a safe, friendly and healthy environment and to allow them to enjoy there training in either Boxing for Fitness, Strength & Conditioning or Olympic Weightlifting.

We emphasise the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship in a family-like atmosphere. Boxers & Lifters will develop self-esteem and self-confidence from learning their chosen sport with highly qualified instructors and coaches.

Our aim is to ensure students will improve muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, power and agility.

Gym Owner


Personal Trainer
Sarah is new to Personal Training but do not let that fool you. Sarah has practically grown up in a gym and has been a CB client for the past 6 years. It was her love for training that encouraged her to pursue her Certificate 4 in Personal Training which she completed last year under the very respected tutor of Craig Schepsis. Sarah will bring her own love of Boxing Blast to the class and has participated in enough classes to know the style of class that everyone loves and enjoys.Sarah's exuberance is highly contagious and you will feel invogorated when you leave at 7pm on a Thursday ready to take on the weekend.
Jacob Baxter is BW&S Level 2 Weightlifting Coach. Jacob initially signed up to our Intro Course in 2015 and and was encouraged to undertake his Level 1 Club Weightlifting/Sports Power coaches course in November 2016. Jacob successfully completed the course and is keen to establish himself as a knowledgeable, enthusiastic and technical coach.
Jacob enjoys competing in Crossfit comps and has competed against - regional athletes at a variety of comps including Moorabbin Megabowl, Third Wheel and Warrnambool SOS.

AWF Level 2 Olympic Weightlifting/ Sports Power Coach.
Kay wasn't always into fitness (she dabbled in Baseball as a young adult) but then found herself like a lot of other 20ish females a job, boyfriend and junk food and her weight increased until she woke up one day and realised her health needed a major overhaul as she was sitting at an obese weight of 100 kilos and could have major heart & kidney problems in the future.
After losing 40 kilos with the help of healthy eating and exercise Kay completed her Training and started
CB Fitness over 9 years ago.
Her love for Muay Thai and Boxing has always been a Major component of her core business and she is driven to ensure ALL her clients demonstrate correct boxing technique during every training session.
She has fought in twice in Thailand (she has spent over 12 months there training) and had 10 Professional Fights. Now a retired fighter Kay is still passionate about Muay Thai and has been granted a Professional Judges license by the Victorian Combat Board and is regularly required to judge at Professional Muay Thai Fight Nights.
Having retired Kay is pursuing her new passion for Weightlifting & Strongman Training. She recently competed in the Australian Strongman Alliance Grand Prix series for Strongwoman in the Novice Category and placed 2nd in Victoria followed up with a trip to Tasmania for the Iron Trial Comp and also finished 2nd and had the opportunity to pull a 4.5 tonne Truck for 10 metres. Kay is now involved with Strongwoman Australia and in conjunction with Jo Gregan ran the first ever Masters Online Comp for over 35 year strongwomen. Kay's organisational skills are being fully utilised with having run the successful Battle of Ballarat comp in November, Back to Ballarat comp in March and then being selected to be the Victorian rep for the Australian Strongman Alliance with running the Qualifier in May.
With these new passions and still her love for Muay Thai you can be assured your training is in safe hands and she is always up for a laugh and chat.
Les Mills Instructor - RPM & Body Balance
Gym Instructor
Muay Thai Instructor
Crossfit Strongman Trainer
AWF Level 1 Olympic Lifting/Sports Power Coach
Powerlifting Australia Level One

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Ok your my client and if you're not happy, it looks bad on me. So if you're not happy with what you get from our training session I dont expect or want to keep your money.
All I ask is an opportunity to rectify the situation by training you again and that session will be FREE.

I value training you and this 100% guarantee has no strings attached. Just email [email protected] if you are not fully satisfied with your session explaining why and a voucher will be sent to you for another session that I can guarantee you will be happy with.

This policy at CB FITNESS is here to stay and shows that your training, health and ftiness is very important to me as your trainer
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Really enjoy my sessions at CB.  I loved all the classes with each trainer.  Great variety.  I love the kids space that has been set up.  Kay, you have created a wonderful gym but what I like most and what I tell everyone is that it caters for all ages and fitness levels.  You never feel judged or uncomfortable.