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Some succeed because they are destined.

Others succeed because they are determined.

Let CB help you succeed
CB Fitness 
Is very proud to sponsor many organisations during in the local community and also overseas.
We love to receive regular udates from those who we have sponsored and also enjoy updates from the Thai school
that we support

Phuket Has Been Good To Us Foundation

Sponsor a Class - P6/1
To our dear friends at CB Fitness,
This semester went by so fast and the students have made wonderful progress in their English. We had very funny lessons and we spent an amazing time together. The students enjoyed the classroom day by day. This term we studied many different topics starting from an easy “how to introduce yourself” and ending with different kinds of sports and proper safety gear required to join in dangerous activities like snowboarding and skateboarding. We studied the different personalities that a person can have like loud, shy, playful, bossy and others, we went through talents and jobs and ended with conjugations of different verbs. We learnt how to use our personal talent to get the job of our dreams, for example some of the students would love to be a chef, so they learnt that they need to be good at cooking to achieve their goal. Others would love to be actors so they will have to practise singing and acting. Others aim to be nurses and doctors so they will need to work on their ability to help people and study very hard.
I have 9 students out of 17 who excel in English language, the others are not far behind and I aim to bring everyone on the same level before the end of the year. I am very positive about it considering how keen they are to learn and how focused they are on practising their English, for example they always try to talk in English with our foreign teachers and sing along with every new English pop song of the moment.
Teaching for many years has given me the opportunity to observe that a student’s happiness is highly relative to their learning and how they learn things. As a teacher, it has been my goal to keep my students smiling throughout their lessons. The PHBGTU Foundation and I are happy to have you as our partner in this endeavor. Thank you so much for your sponsorship!
I look forward to welcoming you into our happy learning environment when you next visit.
Teacher Diego

Millie Falla Memorial 4's

Royal Children's Hospital Appeal Fundraiser

CB has proudly supported this Barefoot bowls event 
This year we have donated a 3 month group fitness membership.

CB is proud to have donated a 3 month group fitness voucher for this great event. 

Dear Kay,

I am writing to thankyou for your support of the 2016 Sovereign Hill Victorian Country Short  Course Swimming Championships that were held on the weekend of 20th and 21st of August.

Once again the weekend was a great success.  There were over 530  competitors  from 35 clubs around the State, up from 450 competitors in 2015.  We believe this is a great endorsement of the central location of Ballarat and the quality of the facilities.
The only way that we were able to run such a successful meet was due to support from businesses such as yours.  As part of  your event sponsorships your business name was printed in the program as sponsor of events on both the Saturday and Sunday of competition.  Also during the event and during the medal presentation for that event your business name was announced over the PA system as event sponsor.

Due to having to share this event between the districts we unfortunately won’t have this event for the next couple of years but if there are other sponsorship opportunities for other events or when we get this event again in the future I will be in touch and  hope that you could consider supporting this event again. 

Once again thank you for your support.  We greatly appreciate it. 

Kind regards

Belinda Haymes 
Sponsorship Co-ordinator

Ballarat Rotary Young Ambition Tram Pull

CB have been proud supporters of the Ballarat Rotary Young Ambition Tram Pull since 2012. 
CB have managed to go back to back at Ballarat Springfest on Sunday November 27th. Well done to the team on another successful year and bringing home the trophy once again!

CB Tram Pull Champions
2012,2013,2015​ & 2016

Sponsor a class report
This has been an incredible semester with M5. I am extremely impressed with the immense improvement of their reading skills which is evident on the final test.

What they have learned
We have started with reading simple text and doing basic reading exercises to improve reading skills last semester. However, this semester we have worked with long reading passages and complex linguistic structures. We have also worked on reading sub-skills like; scanning and skimming. Students have proved that they have mastered these skills on their final test.

We spent considerable time learning grammar and building on the vocabulary. Students enjoyed the interactive grammar activities and games in the classroom. For example, we played running dictation games in the class and students loved the way they ran to each other to deliver messages in English.

However, I have had a wonderful academic year with M5. These students are creative and cooperative. They help each other out in and out of the classroom. They carry an intrinsic motivation to learn and improve their English language skills. This has made teaching easier for me. I am really glad to have this opportunity to teach them.
Featured Students
Mas and Namwan are two star students in the class, but Thai, Na, and May have done amazingly well in this semester. They have shown real positive at- titude to learning English and improving their language skills. They have scored between 87% to 97% in the final test and I am really happy and im- pressed with the brilliant performance of the class as a whole.
I wish them all the best for next year and I am sure that they will have ample learning opportunities in the years to come.
Thank you so much for your valuable gift of education.
Matayom 5 - Sponsor A Class End of Semester Report March 2016
Ballarat Fidelity Club Kindergarten

We are proud to sponsor the junior members of our club from Ballarat Fidelity Club Kindergarten with their upcoming Christmas raffle. All funds raised by this raffle go directly back in buying equipment and upgrading the facilities for the children. 
If you are interested or willing to also help donate any items for their Christmas raffle, please refer to attached image for further details. 
We are very honored to recieve this is the mail from our lovely client Lynly, who works at the Yuille Park Community College. We love supporting this school and theirs teachers in all their endeavors. Keep up the great work Lynly!
We were very rapt to recieve this as a token of your appreciation. 

Congratualtions to David Harris, a regular at CB training centre on completing the 2016 Melbourne FireFighter stair climb. 
All the funds raised are being donation to the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, doing amazing work helping in childrens health research and disease prevention.